Galerie Delavigne | Know-how
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The Atelier aims to be versatile and masters all traditional restoration techniques. Combined with the latest technological advances, we therefore consider each of our interventions with a view to reversibility and sustainability.

We work on veneered and solid furniture, marquetry (Boulle…), seats, but also on all types of wooden objects.

The precious intervention of craftsmen such as upholsterers, baitboats, sheathers, gilders, may also be necessary to carry out our mission of restoration and conservation of antique furniture.


Workshop Delavigne also offers a consulting and expertise service to collectors. This activity is limited to the 17th and 18th century furniture.

Our expertise is based on several years of work and studies on both antique and style furniture. We are able to detect any intervention on furniture after its manufacture. We also have at our disposal a reliable database on the History of the Decorative Arts.