Galerie Delavigne | Console table in sculpted oak, Regency period circa 1725
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Console table in sculpted oak, Regency period circa 1725

Price: 22500 €
Period: 18th century
Style: Louis XIV - Regency
Condition: Very good conditionMaterial: Oak and Languedoc marble
Width: 114.5
Height: 81
Depth: 61.5
-Richly carved oak console table

- Fixed element of a paneling at the origin, this console table has a carved decoration on three of its sides. Each crosspiece is composed of a central shell, with for the belt, an openwork apron developing in the form of acanthus scrolls with finely carved crossettes.

-The four curved legs rest on caprid hooves treated naturally and enhanced with an outgoing scrolled butt under a long acanthus leaf. Their upper part hosts a bust with a woman's head enclosed between two volutes with rococo and nervous sculpture curving inwards (the use of human heads in the round at the tops of furniture uprights is a contribution of André-Charles Boulle around 1680).

-These four legs are joined by a spacer finely carved with foliage and adorned with an inverted shell in the center.

- This console is topped with a thick red Languedoc marble with corbin beak and double moldings.

-Made around 1725, the ornamental repertoire of this console table straddles two artistic currents. The treatment of the sculpture at the level of the crosspieces and the spacer is still under the influence of the Grand Siècle with in particular the foliage and this rigor in the treatment of the spacer. On the other hand, the busts with the heads of women as well as the volutes counterbalancing them are to be compared to the bronze espagnolettes made at the same time by the cabinetmaker Charles Cressent (1685-1768) and announce the flowering of curves and curves under Louis XV.

-Formerly gilded, in very good condition. Some restorations are to be noted, in particular at the level of the rear crosspiece (see pictures)
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