Galerie Delavigne | Chiffoniere Table Louis XV- Galerie Delavigne
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Chiffoniere Table Louis XV- Galerie Delavigne

Small chiffoniere table shaped curved rosewood veneer and violet wood framed by a boxwood net. The inside of the feet is plated across with satin. The box of this cloth is oak for the feet and the rails, and fir for the sides. It opens with three drawers on the front and is topped with a beautiful Spanish brocade marble reported. Three lock entries and four shoes decorate the whole.

This small furniture flying was made around 1770 in a Parisian workshop. It has been fully restored by our workshop. The drawer slides and the locksmith have been revised for good use. It has been varnished with the buffer not too bright which allows to have an elegant furniture while remaining discreet.